Friday, 15 February 2008

DSpace 1.5 Beta 1 Released

I'm pleased to be able to relay that DSpace 1.5 has been released for beta testing. Particularly big thanks to Scott Philips, the release coordinator and lead Manakin developer for his contributions to it. From the email announcement:

The first beta for DSpace 1.5 has been released. You may either checkout the new tag directly from SVN or download the release from sourceforge. One sourceforge you will not that there are two types of releases:


- The "dspace-1.5.0-beta1-release" is a binary download that just contains dspace, it's manual, configuration, and a few other essential items. Use this package if you want to download DSpace pre-compiled and get it up running with no customizations.

- The other release, "dspace-1.5.0-beta1-src-release" is a full copy of the DSpace source code that you can modify and customize. Use this release as an alternative to checking out a copy of the source directly from SVN.

Sourceforge download URL:

There is going to be a full week testathon next week, which we encourage everyone to get involved in. Please do donwload and install either or both of the available releases, and let us know how you get on. Give it your best shot to break them, and if you do and are able to, consider sending us a patch to fix what was broken. The developers will be available (depending on time zone) in the DSpace IRC channel to help with diagnoses and fixes and any other questions:

channel: #dspace

See you there!