Friday, 1 December 2006

Unknown Namecheck

A new e-theses blog (thanks to Peter Suber for the link) has seen fit to reference a whole bunch of articles that I have written (or which have been written by or in collaboration with a good friend and colleague from the University of Edinburgh) over the last few years on the topics of DSpace and/or E-Theses.

Since this is my blog, here are the ones that were by or partially by me:

Open Source, Open Access and E-Theses

The Tapir: Adding E-Theses functionality to DSpace

A couple of references to chapters in our 2006 book "The Institutional Repository" (Jones, R; Andrew, T; MacColl, J):

The Institutional Repository in the Digital Library

Case Study: The Edinburgh Research Archive

And if you are interested in the topic, you would be interested in the work of this man:

Intellectual Property and Electronic Theses

It's a strange experience when you discover other people posting about your work without your knowledge. A good feeling. But strange. And hopefully one day something that I can be allowed to get used to.

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