Tuesday, 9 January 2007

UK and Ireland DSpace User Group Videoconference presentation

Videos and presentation slides are now available from the UK&I DSUG held on 24 November 2006.

Presentation: http://cadair.aber.ac.uk/dspace/handle/2160/281

Videos: http://cadair.aber.ac.uk/dspace/handle/2160/290

Many thanks to Stuart Lewis at the University of Wales Aberystwyth for organising this event, and for making the presentations and videos available in their institutional repository.

At the moment, these presentations are only available in Windows Media and Real Media formats, due to limitations at the video editing suite in Aberystwyth.

The presentations given at this meeting were under the following titles:

  • Inside, Outside, Where Have We Been? The Who - of DSpace
    development in Trinity College Dublin (along with the why, the
    what and the how)

  • Distributing repository functions with DSpace [yours truly]

  • Next Steps for the China Digital Museum Project

  • What OR did next, or administering admins in a hosted repository

  • Thanks Google! A love-hate relationship

  • An update from the DSpace Architecture and Technology Review [yours truly]

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