Friday, 26 October 2007

Exciting news from the pages of the Chronicles

Some of you will already know this, but for the benefit of those that don't but wanted to know, here is some job related news on my part.

With the recent launch of Spiral, I have felt free to consider again my place in the world, the work I do on Open Source and Open Access, and my general future, knowing that if I were to leave Imperial College, I would not be leaving having achieved nothing visible.

I have, therefore, decided to make a move from the academic into the commercial sector, and have taken up a position with HP Labs to work with DSpace especially in the context of India, where it has become extremely popular. So towards the end of next month you will see the "About Me" section of this blog get updated, and I may vanish off the radar for a week or two while I get myself up and running in this new post.

I'm greatly looking forward to working with the DSpace folks both in HP Labs Bristol, Bangalore and Vermont!

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olyerickson said...

Congratulations, RichardJ!!! :)