Thursday, 8 November 2007

SWORD 1.0 Released

Just a quick heads up to say that the SWORD 1.0 release is now out and ready for download from SourceForge:

Here you will find the common java library which supports repositories wanting to implement SWORD, plus implementations for DSpace and Fedora. There is also a client (with GUI and CLI versions) which you can use to deposit content into the repositories.

The DSpace implementation is designed only to work with the forthcoming DSpace 1.5 (which is currently in Alpha release). Your feedback and experiences with the code would be much appreciated. We expect to be making refinements to the DSpace implementation up unitl DSpace 1.5 is released as stable.

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Antony said...

SWORD also easily integrates with DSpace 1.4x. All that is required is a little refactoring.

A Corfield