Friday, 7 December 2007

CRIG Meeting Day 2 (2)

Topics for today:

The ones that interest me the most are probably these:

- Death to Packages

Not really Death to Packages, but lets not forget that packaging sometimes isn't what we want to do or what we can do.

- Get What?

This harks to my ORE interest, as to what is available under the URLs, and what that means for something like content negotiation.

- One Put to Multiple Places

Really important to distributed information systems (e.g. ethosnet integration into local institutions). Also, this relates, for me, to the unpackaging question, because it introduces differences between what systems might all be expecting.

- Web 2.0 interfaces (ok, ok)

I'm interested in web services. Yes it's a bit trendy. But it is useful.

- Core Servies of a Repository

For repository core architecture, this is important. With my DSpace hat on I'd like to see what sorts of things an internal service architecture or api ought to be able to support

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