Thursday, 6 December 2007

CRIG Meeting Day 1 (1)

Some live blogging; may be slightly malformed, as this is happening inline, with no post-editing.

Les Carr and Jim Downing have introduced us to the CRIG workshop first day. We're unconferencing which means that there's not a programme! We're going to try and stay at the abstract or high level discussion, not try to talk about technology.

David Flanders outlines the meeting philosophy. The outputs aimed for the meeting include: ideas (bluesky), standards and scenarios and how they can be linked together. The outputs will be taken to OR08. The best way for a group to produce good stuff is for everyone to think about themselves. Makes me think of an article I read recently:

We are not about creating new specs.

Julie then brings us some stuff about SWORD. See my previous post on this. We are going to have implementations for xrXiv, white rose research online and Jorum. A SPECTRa deposit client, and later an article in Ariadne and a presentation at OR08.

Break time ... tea and coffee!

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